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December 1, 2015

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The Mossad is the organization responsible for intelligence collection and covert operations, including counterterrorism operations, for the nation of Israel. While the Mossad itself is more of the equivalent of the CIA, the Israeli equivalent of Delta, GSG9, and ST6 is the secretive Special Operations Division of the Massad known as Metsada. The Metsada has conductive clandestine operations, assassinations, sabotage projects, and more for the Israeli Mossad and government. What sets it apart from the other agencies is that the Mossad and Metsada within the Mossad is a civilian service separate from the Israeli military. Its members, however, are nearly entirely former members of Israeli defense forces because of the compulsory service system in Israel.

Group History:

The Mossad emerged in 1951 with its current name only a few years after the establishment of the Isreali state. It was established by then Prime Minister David Ben Gurion who gave the Mossad its directive of “For out state which since its creation has been under siege by its enemies. Intelligence constitutes the first line of defense…we must learn well how to recognize what is going on around us.” The Metseda was a natural secondary outgrowth, the arm of force, of the Mossad. One of the most internationally active intelligence and counter-terrorism organizations, the Mossad and Metseda have worked in tandem with many other governments to achieve their ends.

Important missions/events:

In 1960, Mossad successfully completed one of its most famous missions where operatives kidnapped a former Nazi leader hiding in Argentina. The operatives successfully brought him back to Israel where he was tried and executed. In 1988, the Mossad dealt a blow to the PLO when an assassination team invaded the guarded residence of Arafat’s deputy who was considered to be the mastermind of many terrorist operations against Israel. In 1991, the agency failed an attempt to assassinate Saddam Hussein. The Mossad continues to operate clandestinely around the world.

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